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Irrigation System & Garden Light Installation in Kitchener

Add to the curb appeal of your home or business with beautiful landscaping. You won’t have to worry about having a dry, brown lawn when our automatic irrigation does the watering for you. All new systems come with a warranty, along with a first-year spring start-up and fall winterizing. We perform fall shut-downs, blowing all lines out to prevent freezing of the system causing it to become damaged. We document items that might be of concern to a client to be addressed the following season. We use quality products from leading manufacturers to build a quality system and keep maintenance costs low.

For customers who already have a sprinkler system, our services include repairs of defective/damaged sprinklers or other components and annual start-ups and shutdowns. We also offer outdoor lighting installation. We only work with quality products, offer competitive prices, and pride ourselves on superior quality service. Call for your free estimate today.

Irrigation Services

  • Spring start-up
      • Adjust sprinkler heads
      • Program timers
      • Repair damages or defects
  • Winterizing
      • Close main sprinkler supply valve and blow out lines to prevent freezing
      • Document areas of concern to be addressed the following season
  • Renovations (changes made to landscape)
  • Free consultation and estimates
      • Take measurements
      • Discuss watering needs
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